Policies and Procedures

1. All Dealers must be licensed by their state, and registered at this auction before doing business. Dealers should try to register in advance of sale day to expedite registration.

2. Z66 will issue bidder badges which will be used for admittance and all transactions.

3. All units purchased must be test driven and paid for by the end of the business day.

4. Buyer must pay for vehicles the day of the sale. Checks will be held until title comes in. A single check written for multiple vehicles will be deposited that day.

5. All titles submitted by seller must be in the seller’s company name.

6. All transactions must clear through the office.

7. No vehicle will be offered for sale that has an altered serial plate.

8. Buyer is responsible for verifying serial number, model year, and mileage reading on all purchases before leaving sale. Seller is responsible to insure a vehicle is properly offered for sale at the block. The auction will not be responsible for administrative error.

9. It is the seller’s obligation to correct any errors made by the auction as to announced “Conditions.” It is the buyer’s obligation to watch lights and listen to announced “Conditions.”

10. The auction does not guarantee the year of any foreign car, house trailer, motor home, boat, boat motor, antique, dune buggy, or motorcycle. Satisfy yourself before settlement, as the auction will not become involved in any subsequent dispute.

11. All cars must have a gate pass before leaving premises.

12. “IF” sales are binding until END OF BUSINESS, SALE DAY. After this time period “IF” sales  may be refused by the buyer.

13. “OUTSIDE SALES” – The auction will not become involved in any arbitration procedures or be responsible for any defects on units sold outside of the sale.

14. The auction does not guarantee any warranty books or plates.

15 No foreign titles accepted.

16. Frame damage or frame repair must be announced on any and all units sold – failure to do so will void sale.

17. The auction reserves the right to void any transaction.

18. The auction will require a seller to take back any vehicle with a documented odometer roll-back problem.

19. Cars are left on the auction premises at owner’s request and risk. The auction shall not be held responsible for loss or damage, even though the keys and car may be placed in the auction’s custody for services which are made available to customers on these terms.

20. Any customer responsible for bringing a retail customer to the auction will be subject to being barred.

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