Arbitration Policy

Green Light Vehicles 

Subject to Arbitration – Unless Announced

$65.00 fee will be charged to the loser of the arbitration

1. Motor – Any part inside the motor is subject to arbitration with the exception of lifter noise. Examples: Rod knock – Head Gasket – Intake Gasket – etc.  Any part that bolts onto the outside of the engine is not arbitratable.

* A buyer will now be able to arbitrate a vehicle for an engine miss; HOWEVER, the only mechanical part of the engine that will be arbitratable is internal engine parts. Z66 will have a compression test done on the engine, if the engine passes the compression test then the vehicle will NOT be turned down and the sale will NOT be voided. If the engine fails the compression test then the vehicle will be turned down and the sale will be voided. ANY EXTERNAL ENGINE PARTS CAUSING A MISS WILL NOT BE ARBITRATABLE. This new policy is intended to protect a buyer from buying a “green light” vehicle that has a miss due to a dead cylinder. 

* Lifter noise is not arbitratable

* Any vehicle on a green light must have proper fluids in the engine Transmission – Slip only Rear- end  –  Gear noise only

2. Drive-trains on front wheel drive and four wheel drive.

3. Speedometer and odometer working – Day of sale only.

4. Air Bags Deployed – Day of Sale Only – No arbitration for air bag light.

5. Any arbitration price adjustment eliminates arbitration for further mechanical defects.

6. Frame damage for frame repairs must be announced. Frame damage or frame repair ( not including frame damage resulting from normal use: scratches, scrapes, jack or lift marks not

resulting from accident) must be reported to the auction within 7 days after purchase.

7. Any unit unsafe to drive is arbitratable.

8. No arbitration on the following: power accessories-computer control units, radios -stereo system, cruise control, front ends, back lash, convertible tops, CV joints, air conditioning, or brake wear.

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